Hydro-Thermal’s history of Hydroheater innovation

Hydro-Thermal takes great pride in its history of product innovation and industry expertise.

Since the Hydroheater was patented in 1963, Hydro-Thermal has been working with the leaders in the meat and poultry processing industries to refine and advance solutions. With the invention of the Solaris in 2001, and the EZ Heater/EZ Skid System in 2005/2010, we have expanded our reach and currently have approximately 200 installs in meat and poultry processing plants around the world, primarily in the U.S. 

Hydro-Thermal also employs a variety of internal experts in the meat and poultry processing. Our staff has more than 50 years of meat and poultry industry experience and has presented extensively on processing solutions, at private institutions and universities, as well as conferences including: Midwest Food Processors Association (MWFPA), California League of Food Processors (CLFP), PetFood Forum, and more.

Our engineering staff consists of 15 brilliant minds that span a variety of specialties including fluid, electrical, mechanical, chemical and design engineers. They have formed strategic research partnerships with our customers, large OEMs, leading Midwestern universities, research associations and independent R&D engineering firms, to constantly evolve our products and inspire new product development.

Direct steam injection heating utilizing the Hydroheater

There’s no place for inefficient heating technologies when people’s lives and your job hang in the balance. Every minute the production floor is down your plant loses, from hundreds to thousands of dollars, in just minutes.

With instantaneous hot water where you need it, our EZ Heater and EZ Skid System, Industrial Hydroheater, and Solaris are ideal for anywhere where maintaining a precise temperature is critical or that you need immediate, reliable hot water.

That reliability, along with temperature control and energy savings have led our solutions to be the replacement system for literally thousands of our competitors’ heaters. An example of why is a competitor’s heater was getting pulled out and acid bathed every shift due to 180F hard water scaling issues. Now with our EZ Heater system installed they haven’t needed to touch it for more than one and a half years!

Our most popular meat applications include:

180F WATER CRITICAL AREAS Including Viscera, Saws and Spray Bars Heat accurately, reliably, and with 10-30% greater energy efficiency than heat exchangers or spargers. Patented self cleaning design results in no scaling and total uptime. Excellent for viscera pans, saws, knife sanitizers, hose stations/ spray bars and other 180F critical areas. Click here to learn more:

Avoid costly fines or recalls by utilizing Hydro-Thermal's solution for all of your hot water needs. Our heaters offer +/- 1 degree F (0.5 degree C) accuracy eliminating fear of a recall and ensuring hot water to exacting temperatures where and when you need it.

CENTRAL HOT WATER Take hot water wherever you need it throughout the plant for clean up, CIP, kill floor, and hose stations. Ability to provide on demand, unlimited hot water eliminates the need for large storage tanks. Click here to learn more:

During third shift cleaning and wash down at a facility, it is common to run out of hot water. The spargers or heat exchangers are not flexible enough to account for the varying conditions of wash down versus normal production. With Hydro-Thermal’s solution, never run out of hot water. Our turn down capabilities are flexible enough to provide hot water instantaneously at your desired temperature during production or plant wash down. In addition, manufacturers can save valuable plant space because our heaters and skids have a smaller footprint then a large storage tank.

POINT OF USE WATER Including Sanitizers, Paw Pickers and Beef Feet Take central hot water to any location and temperature at required flow rates via a small slip stream system. Control critical temperatures to not overcook or damage product, while ensuring sanitation during cook process. Excellent for tripe and carcass washing, and beef and chicken feet removal/cook. Click here to learn more:

Hydro-Thermal understands the importance of precise temperature. Whether it is fear of a USDA fine or recall, or the importance of a specific time and temperature cook process, we will ensure that you have the right temperature where you need it and when you need it. For instance, our heaters are often used for carcass or tunnel washers ensuring product quality through proper cleaning and sanitization.

RENDERING Including Tallow and Blood Processing Heat in a continuous, single pass and in-line, while realizing major savings of space, energy and approximately two hours in batch time. Click here to learn more:

From bone to by products to blood, we can process any parts of the animal while eliminating burn-on through exact and continous temperature control.

SCALD/DIP TANKS/CARCASS WASH Precise temperature accuracy results in total uptime and increased production for hog de-hairing or bird de-feathering.Click here to learn more:

Energy savings due to the atomization of the steam bubbles, eliminates steam waste to the atmosphere. Exact temperatures won't prematurely cook or desecrate the product.

WASTEWATER/ANAEROBIC DIGESTION Realize major cost savings with precise temperature control to aid anaerobic digestion, keeping microorganisms at 100F to optimize effectiveness and drive more methane gas to power boilers. Click here to learn more:

Hydro-Thermal's patented designs are able to handle highly viscous slurries without burn on, plugging, or fouling found with other solutions. In addition, companies can achieve thousands of dollars in energy savings by reusing the waste in their plants and utilizing it to heat or power their facility.

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Additional information on Hydro-Thermal’s direct steam injection technology

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